Case Study

Fiduciary Services

Defense Venture Group, LLC, et al


A private-equity backed, multi-company manufacturing group specializing in custom vehicles, products, R&D and polymer glass for high-end defense, special operations and Navy use ceased operations due to government budget cuts coupled with inefficient manufacturing, management over-spending and unscalable new technology.

6 separate Delaware assignment for the benefit of creditor cases were filed.


As Assignee under each case, assessed each entity, obtained appraisals and formed a plan to maintain the intellectual property value of each entity while preserving the required security requirements.

Assured the timely completion and $800,000 payment from the Navy for a specialty vehicle used in special operations.

Improved the salability of a 250,000 sq. ft manufacturing facility and assured the integrity of invaluable technical materials.     


Successful $8.4 million sale of the manufacturing facility.

Manufacturing equipment was auctioned with a better than anticipated return.

The assets and intellectual property of two separate companies were the subject of competitive and successful sales.

A large custom designed and building locked piece of equipment was the subject of an intense marketing process that allowed its sale and removal saving the estate over $250,000.

All ABC’s were successfully completed and closed.