Case Study

Interim Management

Fortune 500 Dialysis Services Provider


$8 billon Fortune 500 Company dialysis service provider experiencing rapid growth.

Former Regional Manager had allowed highly non-compliant regulatory conditions to exist to garner favor with physician groups, including allowing a functionally illiterate employee to remain working in a hospital setting.

Regional Office was unorganized and chaotic.

Epic silos and resistance to change was rampant among rank and file physicians, professionals and staff.


Responsible for operations of the Baltimore area, led 300 employees at 10 freestanding and 2 acute hospital centers.

Reorganized office, practices, policies and procedures.

Hired forward looking professionals. 

Undertook efforts to realign and assure regulatory compliance.

Built and planned two new dialysis centers after acquisition that doubled the size of the company.

Mentored individual clinic leaders.


Improved operations while consistently meeting or exceeding budgetary goals.