Case Study

Financial Advisory

Future Beef Operations, LLC


A $250 million, fully integrated, state of the art harvest facility designed to be a vertically coordinated, closed-loop beef production system capable of harvesting 1,625 head/day was could not sustain viable operations one year after filing Chapter 11.


Reviewed processing, rendering, specialty meats, and cooked & marinated products, and after-market segments (pet treats and blue chrome hides [partial tanning]) to make a determination of the segment’s viability, including testing marketing assumptions.

Reviewed product costs and related financial reports and analyses.

Provided chapter 11 operational and wind-down advice to existing production management.


Assisted in the planning and implementation of a cost-effective plant closure that included processing cattle on-site prior to case conversion.

Conducted talks and negotiations related to the sale of the business and brand.

Maintained plant and asset integrity

Case converted to Chapter 7 coinciding with plant closure.