Our Approach


Our team of financial and operational experts swiftly conduct comprehensive reviews and analyses to mitigate impending risks and control damages.

Conserve cash, Preserve assets, and Regain stability

Maintain critical management, employee and vendor relationships

Clearly communicate with lenders, regulatory bodies and stakeholders

Evaluate liquidity by developing 13-week cash flow statements

Establish management and financial reporting procedures


We work collaboratively with executive and operating management to chart a course through turbulent times by developing and implementing transformative business plans and growth strategies.  

Assess balance sheet and operational restructuring opportunities

Investigate and find alternative financing opportunities

Develop asset sales and business divestiture strategies


We help develop ideas and explore realistic possibilities to implement solutions that will ensure stability for the long term.

Maintain viability

Increase sales and revenue

Control or reduce operating costs

Improve margins

About Us

Who We Are

We’re Not Just Consultants

MACCO is a middle-market focused firm comprised of professionals with real world business experience who have led and managed companies, acted as CEOs, COOs, CFOs and Senior Lenders, and owned businesses.

Ready For Dispatch

We thrive when working with businesses in crisis, or on fire, as we say.

We’re used to pressure-packed, challenging environments that require immediate decisive action.

MACCO professionals are pragmatic – We undertake only the work or analysis that needs to be done – not every act is a client billing exercise.

Every business, every problem and every crisis are different – MACCO tailors each engagement to each client based each its unique circumstances.

We speak the common language of lawyers, accountants, investment bankers and similar professionals in the restructuring industry.

MACCO professionals are focused and concentrated on finding answers for its clients.

What We Do

Our Core Belief

Businesses in crisis and the people who own and/or manage them should have access to affordable, straightforward solutions. 

With the Specialized Tools and Training

Boardroom to Backroom operations experience.

Integration of effective tactics with a strategic vision.

Astute financial analysis.

Clear understanding of the diversity in corporate cultures.

Legal, compliance and information technology risk management.

Domestic and International expertise.

Who We Serve

We Are Only As Successful as Our Last Client

Our results-driven approach enables us to be flexible in structuring arrangements that respond to the dynamic and unique circumstances or each client. 

We Are First Responders To

Public, private and closely-held companies, when their boards and senior management realize a problem extends beyond their expertise.

Private equity and hedge funds, with under-performing or failing portfolio companies and investments.

Family offices with souring investments or loans.

Banks and agent banks, often via their work-out or distressed asset groups, when they recognize they’ve been unable to reach a resolution with a troubled borrower on a defaulted loan.

Corporate and bankruptcy lawyers who determine that their clients need help in over-coming management’s intractability, inexperience or poor judgment.

Investment bankers engaged to accomplish a sale, but who identify the company needs astute restructuring management to keep it viable until a sale can be accomplished.

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